Class schedule

class schedule

90 minute classes 7 days a week, beginner series, all levels welcome, advance at your own pace

Let's do it one class at a time! Never too late to begin again!

Let's do it one class at a time! Never too late to begin again!

I love Bikram because it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been away from it, but every time I come back, I get to spend 90 minutes with myself, 90 minutes of quiet time in an otherwise busy day where I can just be there in the studio, with a focus on me and what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, because everyone else is also there to spend time with themselves. It’s my chance to re-boot and rejuvenate.
— Mi Kim
Thanks for providing me with a space to take care of myself. No matter how frequently I attend, or how long my absence has been, I always feel like I am being welcomed back with a great deal of support and lots of smiles. You and your team have created a wonderful, safe environment that I continue to return to, to mend and grow - thank you for this!
— Jennifer

Please show up, no reservation required. No telephone reservations

Please show up, no reservation required. No telephone reservations

class type explanation


BHY is a 90 minute beginner hot bikram yoga class (26 postures, 2 breathing exercises)

Yin Yoga is a 75 mins class, slow paced style & poses are held for prolonged periods of time at room temperature

*Intermediate BHY Class also known as a 3rd set class, 90 mins.  Pre-requisites: ability to lock the knee and perform Toe Stand Pose, 6 months of bikram yoga practice

Hot CORE Pilates is a 75 mins class, power paced mat work class with emphasis on pelvic placement & scapular stability

Awkward Posture (Utkatasana)

Awkward Posture (Utkatasana)

We shape the clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds what we want.”
— Lau-Tzu

Tips to get you ready & consider for your 1st yoga experience.  When each student develops focus & cultivates a deeper experience then the class energy becomes more cohesive and ultimately the energy shifts.   All can be uplifted and transformed as a group. You’ll leave feeling something most people have never felt before!

Before your class:

  • drink plenty of water before and after class, take small sips during class

  • avoid meals 2-3 hours before class

  • be scent free: no perfumes, colognes & other scented products (e.g., laundry products)

What to bring:

  • yoga mat, large towel, water (all available for rent/purchase)

  • wear fitted, moisture-breathable sports wear

  • open mind, willing heart

Other important tips:

  • arrive 20 mins early if it is your 1st class

  • maintain silence in Yoga Room, no pagers, cell phones

  • enter class (clean) barefoot

  • change rooms are cell phone free, kindly move to lobby or outside for tel conversations

  • ensure that you & your yoga mat are clean and odour-free (ask about of environment friendly de-ordourizing laundry products)

Children may practice in the hot room:

  • If you would like to bring your child to class then children under 13 yrs of age can join in during the later part of the class for the floor series