the hot room & facilities

how is the room heated?

A hot water heating system quietly circulates hot water through heating elements & circuits that radiate heat outwards into the yoga room.   Hot water heating systems provide steady heat via convection/radiant heating, and are ideal for people with allergies. Unlike hot air heating systems, hot water baseboard heating systems (hydronic heating systems) do not blow air around the room. 

our yoga room has full spectrum lights in the ceiling

Sunlight is considered full spectrum plus we have large full size windows to allow sunlight to shine inside.  You'll be covered from all sides by light; especially inside and out by your hot yoga experience!

what's the fuzzy stuff on the ceiling?

Cellulose insulation  is one of the greenest building products in the world; and made from recycled newsprint and other paper sources, paper that might  otherwise end up in landfills, releasing greenhouse gases as it decomposed.  It is also treated with nontoxic fire retardants.

If all the paper  currently being put into landfills each year were converted to cellulose  insulation, it would save approximately eight million tons of CO2  emissions.  That’s the equivalent of taking every car off the road in New  Mexico and Nevada. (Sources:  National Auto Dealers  Association; Paper Industry Assoc. Council 2006; EPA)

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change & common areas


Shower facilities available. Please be courteous and:

  • keep shower time under 3 minutes
  • maintain tidiness in all areas
  • take all your belongings, lost and found is donated weekly

Rehydrate, share time and space with fellow classmates in the lounge area

Simply observe the lightness of being, and how your clothes hang differently on your body.   Your body, full of life force and grounded, becomes healthy and better able to face challenges with grace and composure.   Enjoy the peace and energy. Come back tomorrow

Bikram Yoga Marda Loop is not responsible for lost or stolen property

Sangha with a splash of satang: community space and “truth company”

The Studio is a place where everybody always feels instantly welcome, and where a community (sangha) of like-minded people come together. 

  • Interconnectedness and oneness is possible in the company of those who challenge you to be all that you are and nothing less. We become each others’ gateway to inner freedom and elevated consciousness (satang). 
"You only have to travel six inches in your life. That is the distance from your mind to your heart." 
Bikram Choudhury 

Bikram Yoga Marda Loop strives to become a community of people where roots run deep and growth abounds. We want to know you, and invite you to join our Bikram Yoga community. Come join us! 

``. . . Anything that allows us to be more aware of ourselves and to feel connected to ourselves and life is a form of yoga . ..``