Drop in for a class and an experience you’ll never forget. Renew your health and vitality. Classes are hot, sweaty, challenging, non-dogmatic, and accessible to students of all levels. 


May 4th: Yoga Therapy for Spine & Mind Begins

Ideal for new or old students who have chronic pain or suffering due to back/neck pain, soft tissue damage, herniated disc, sciatica; and wish to explore yoga for the body and mind in a small group setting.

Dates: Sundays on May 4, (11th or 18th*), 25, June 1, 2014.  *The exact dates to be determined by the participants as per majority preference

Class time: 6:30 - 7:45 PM

Number of classes: 4 classes

Investment:: $89 for 4 week session, and a Special Offer is included - a 15 minute private session

Content:  Explore your spine & hips, activate core muscles, and enhance Chi with yoga postures that focus on muscle relaxation to stimulate joints, ligaments, fascia and connective tissue.   The yoga room will be warm; not hot nor humid.   An introduction to MindBody Medicine is also included.  

Please call Hannah (403) 830 3955 or email to register for this 4 week session

Mindfulness Meditation Session

Every Sunday 3 - 4 pm for a 4 week session

Learn why meditation is vital for your health and well-being

Practice techniques of meditation & other stillness exercises

$25 for a 4 week session or drop in $10.  Save 20% when you renew

4 week sessions are continuous from January to Spring 2014.  Next session starts May 4th.  Summer recess then resumes Fall 2014

Call or email for more details

Personal Yoga Challenge

Pick any number and do that number of consecutive yoga classes: e.g., 7, 10, 15 classes

Start Date: Anytime

Send us an email to sign up!  Or tell Hannah (403) 830 3955

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Half Tortoise Class = Half Price Drop-in Fee

 Every Friday 6:30 pm class, $10 drop in (cash or debit only please)

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"After losing a lot of weight I found I had hit a plateau and was beoming really dicouraged with my path to a healthier lifestyle. My sisters had been telling me about Bikram for a while and how much they love the class. I decided I needed a push and after doing the introductory 2 week offer I decided to push myself and do the 30 day challenge. Not only did the challenge improve my overall fitness physically, mentally and emtionally, but it gave me the motivation, strength and positive outlook I need to keep bettering myself on a daily basis. I know I can do anything if I set my mind to it!"  Tiffaney
"Bikram helped my lower back pain by strengthening my spine" Bre
"While the physical aspects of practicing Bikram Yoga have made me feel much stronger, the greatest benefit has been the mental and emotional aspects. Before starting Bikram Yoga, I experienced insomnia most of every night. Since attending classes, I often sleep through the night, or wake up just once and am able to return to sleep. My outlook and attitude has become very positive since attending Bikram Yoga." Bruce
" The 30 day challenge is changing my life." Graham

"I started yoga because I was doing a lot of weightlifting and I was always stiff and sore when I played basketball because I never stretched after my workouts.   Once I started Bikram yoga, my vertical increased, I got faster, and I was able to lift heavier weights due to the breathing & strengthening exercises in class, plus I was stretching properly which helped me gain muscle mass. The yoga also helps me to recover faster after a work out because of the amount of blood flow to the muscle group, it also cleanses out my joints which has helped prevent injury.   When I ruptured my ACL in my knee yoga helped clean out the knee and gain full range of motion. I made a full recovery and was playing basketball 6 months after surgery. I can now squat and deadlift over 300 pounds and I'v managed to gain the muscles back in my leg!"   Daniel

"I was just thinking about the meditation session and again, I found it so fitting. When asked what I would say/do/be...it was an almost immediate response to be kind and love and accept myself as freely as I do others. Something I continually work.  What a great thing to meditate on. Thank you for this."   Nina

"My shoulder & arm pain has improved after only 4 classes.  I no longer need physiotherapy."   JJ

"The breathing exercises have improved my poise in front of an audience at work; which communicates confidence and authority.  Coincidentally, I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks of consecutive yoga classes."   Sam

"I mean it - I love the class - the teachers are inspirational.  I feel better physically and mentally when I can force myself to come.  Sometimes the classes are still really hard, but I have had a few relaxing ones.  My knees are way better than they were when I started. I am a convert for sure."   Shelley 

"When I can't fall asleep I do the dialogue in my head and visualize myself doing the asanas. By eagle pose I'm usually back asleep! Also, visualizing myself doing the postures improves my postures."   Carmen

"I tried Bikram Yoga because I was experiencing pain in my hips and knees. I have been a competitive athlete most of my life and had found myself at a stage where I was experiencing pain simply in my day-to-day living. The results of practicing yoga 3x/week have surpassed my expectations. Not only has my joint pain disappeared, I have benefited in ways I couldn't have imagined. Most notably, the lengthening of my torso and strengthening of my core has made a difference in my daily living. I've been practicing yoga for a year and a half and can't imagine life without it!"  Trish

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