1st Timer Info

feel free to drop in to any class on the schedule

yes, you can walk-in (no tel reservations necessary)


    tips to get you ready for your 1st hot yoga experience

    Before your class:

    • drink plenty of water before and after class, take small sips during class
    • avoid meals 2-3 hours before class
    • be scent free: no perfumes, colognes & other scented products (e.g., laundry products)

    What to bring:

    • yoga mat, large towel (this is a must), water
    • rentals available $2 per item
    • wear fitted, moisture-breathable sports wear
    • open mind, willing heart

    Other important tips:

    • arrive 20 mins early if it is your 1st class
    • maintain silence in Yoga Room, no pagers, cell phones
    • enter class (clean) barefoot
    • change rooms are cell phone free, kindly move to lobby or outside for tel conversations
    • ensure that you & your yoga mat are clean and odour-free (ask about of environment friendly de-ordourizing laundry products)

    Power of the group experience/class:

    • When each student develops focus & cultivates a deeper experience then the class energy becomes more cohesive and ultimately the energy shifts
    •  All can be uplifted and transformed as a group. You’ll leave feeling something most people have never felt before!

    Bikram "Pre-Beginner's" Yoga Class & Talk : spring/summer break, next session tba

    • learn foundation skills in interactive setting 
    • drop in
    • discussion & introduction to yoga postures 
    • not required to start Beginners Hot Yoga Class or any class on schedule
    • recommended for 1st timers to help get you started or reaquainted with bikram yoga
    • included in 15 day Introductory Offer or existing membership