about hot yoga

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga

“Bikram Yoga” is performed in a hot studio heated to appproximately 105 degrees F (40 C). Composed of a demanding series of 26 postures (asanas) and two breathing exercises (pranayamas), Bikam Yoga is a uniquely therapeutic form of yoga which is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. 

Why the heat? 

The heat enables the maximum relaxation of muscle tissue which allows for deeper more effective stretching and a lower incidence of Yoga related injuries. Heat also encourages sweating……lot’s of sweating which flushes and cleanses the body of toxins. Bikram Yoga systematically moves fresh, oxygenated blood throughout the body, nurturing each organ and fibre, restoring all systems to healthy working order. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well-being automatically follows. 

Therapeutic benefits

  • Enhanced vasodilatation delivers more blood and oxygen to muscle tissue
  • Improved removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid
  • Improved cardiovascular challenge: heat places more demand on the heart and circulatory system
  • Faster metabolization of glucose and fatty acids resulting in decreased arterial fat deposits
  • Improved neural communication between the brain and spinal cord.
  • Improved strength, balance, flexibility and kinesthetic awareness

Keep in mind that the heat is part of your practice. The heat challenges your physical body and mind. If you attempt all postures correctly then you will receive the full physical and mental benefits of Bikram yoga. 

"Yoga is the only exercise in the world that gives you energy instead of spending it." Bikram Choudhury