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“My passion is to help people gain improved health and mind-body awareness one yoga practice at a time. The Studio is a place for you to meet yourself, and be a part of a community of people. If you’re healthy and/or challenged by injuries, stress, chronic lifestyle disease, body weight (over or under) then come take a class and feel the difference in your level of energy, vitality, and well-being. You’ll feel great, look great, and live greater! " Hannah Park, Director






Each instructor has been certified upon successful completion of an intensive program of more than 500 hours of study immersed in nine weeks of in-depth study of Bikram Yoga with Yoga Masters Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury, and their staff of senior teachers at the Yoga College of India, Los Angeles. 

The course is an introduction to the basic knowledge needed to begin teaching this powerful healing yoga, and an opportunity to acquire the tools to begin teaching Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class. Having learned to instruct this powerful yoga class, all our instructors have an opportunity to share the life-enhancing benefits of this yoga with others, and a solid foundation for the lifetime journey of becoming a yoga teacher. 


Teacher bios

Everything we do becomes yoga when done with awareness.  Awareness allows us to feel and experience connection

Our instructors emphasize awareness and technique.  We want to support students’ growth both inside and outside of the yoga room

I have been practicing for about 4 years and practiced in at least 2 other countries and have tried other yoga too; some hot, and some not. What is consistent and outstanding is the calibre of instructors at Bikram Yoga Marda Loop. Each and every one is Excellent. We are fortunate to have the quality of instruction available right here in Calgary.
— Cheers, P.W
Join us, take the step to come to class. We'd love to meet you!

Join us, take the step to come to class. We'd love to meet you!







Geof in Scorpion Pose

Geof in Scorpion Pose



If a sound arises out of silence and disappears into silence then silence is always there beneath sound. Silence is the space where sound can exist.




Michelle in 1 leg wheel pose

Michelle in 1 leg wheel pose







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Alli in Crane Pose

Alli in Crane Pose








Shu-Ling in Triangle Pose

Shu-Ling in Triangle Pose






simone banfield

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Brad Hankewich

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geof kramer

In the summer of 2012, by blind luck, I took my first Bikram yoga class. I had been having a particularly rough month. My back had popped out three times, my knees ached and were swollen from running, and my job at the time was becoming very stressful. I was on my way to the gym - wrecked back and all - when I was cut off by my sister who was heading to yoga. She convinced me to take class and that's where everything changed. Coming out of my first class (which was very difficult) I felt incredible. I started practicing daily and quickly my body started healing. First my back, then my knees, shoulders, everything. But much more importantly my mind started changing, and I became a lot happier and healthier. This lead to changes in my life, new job, better relationships and through all that a decision to head to teacher training. I graduated in the fall of 2015 after the best 9 weeks of my life. I truly believe in the healing capabilities of Bikram yoga and look forward to seeing you all in the hot room.


hannah park

I started to practice Bikram Yoga Fall 2004, and graduated from teacher training in Spring 2005.  I became a teacher to create a studio space of healing and love

I practice to improve my mind, and my body.  My practice has changed how I perceive sound as it relates to stillness.  I seek silence as the void where I can hear the voice of my intuition, or messages from my body.  Silence and stillness is the path to improve my postures.  I've learned that intuition and clarity that arises from silence can intelligently guide my movements & thoughts to practice yoga with love and sincere effort

When I teach there is a dialogue of words/sounds to give instruction however; there is also an inner dialogue of sounds that each practitioner creates. My favorite thing about teaching is to harmonize the outer and inner worlds to help occupy the space beneath sound.  In the present moment we can:

  • Listen to silence to perceive its intense depth and power

  • Experience silence to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body

  • Mindfully coordinate movement with breath

  • Hold a posture in stillness

  • Pay attention (or notice when we don't)

  • Leave feeling vibrant and connected

  • Discover yourself

Come join a class so we may sojourn together

michelle slade

My yoga journey began in 2000, as a high school math teacher I taught in the Bahamas and then in Calgary for both the Separate and Public boards.   While teaching math, I belonged to a small yoga studio and practiced Hatha yoga and a yoga/pilates fusion class.   This fusion class peaked my interest in pilates, so I joined Calgary Pilates to get on the reformer and learn more about what pilates was all about.  After taking classes it didn’t take too long to realize I needed to teach this amazing exercise system.   In 2010, I received my Mat and Reformer training in the STOTT method, and continue to work through courses towards my full certification.

I missed my yoga practice, and began practicing again, this time in a hot room. I fell in love with Bikram Yoga, and completed my teacher training in Fall 2011 in Los Angeles. I have been teaching the amazing 26&2 series for 5 years in the hot room.

Yoga is such a personal practice, I love that there are so many disciplines, something for everyone, all moving towards the same goal of connecting our mind, body and soul through breath or asana.  My training also includes a 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in Hawaii in 2016

I am no longer in the math classroom, although I still do some tutoring.   Yoga and pilates are my passions now! I am excited and grateful to be a part of the community at Bikram Yoga Marda Loop!

wendi schaufler

My first Bikram class was in 2004 and from the very first time Iknew that yoga would be a big part of my life.I started doing yoga initially for exercise, but soon learned whatit was doing for my mind , body sprint.

Fast forward, I was living in Abu Dhabi UAE, where there was not a hot room at the time so I flirted with several different types of yoga, but never felt like I did when I was practicing Bikram.

Upon returning to Canada I got right back to the hot room and with in 3 months I was off to Thailand for five weeks of yoga/meditation.In DecemberI had decided I needed to go to Bikram Teacher Training. So spring 2014 I was off to LA. Truly the hardest and most rewarding nine weeks of my life.

Ibelieve yoga is for everyone, Bikram Yoga never gets easy, you just learn to be more tolerant and accept what is.

I feel very honoured to teach this yoga and share this gift.

alli smithdorf

I attended teacher training in San Diego during the fall of 2010.   I would love
to say I was inspired to teach and felt I had a life calling, but in all honesty for me at the time it seemed like a fun job that would also give me a break from my academic studies. I went to training with no idea what I was in for.  

Bikram teacher training was defiantly the hardest thing I have undertaken both on a physical level as well as a psychological one.   And while my frequent breakdowns where shared by many around me I felt that as time went on I was not breaking but becoming stronger. Staring into a mirror at the puddle of flesh and emotion that stared right back at me in many of our 100 classes at teacher training, with 500 students visible mirror space was a precious commodity, there was no hiding from who I was and how I felt.   After 9 weeks, I didn't see a puddle of flesh and emotion.  I saw me….exactly how I am….and I was happy with that.    

I have taught in many studios over the years following my teacher training and I feel so
blessed and grateful to be able to have a job that inspires me and helps me fulfill part of my karmic duty.   I see the struggle students have everyday and I am so happy to be part of it. No, not because I am slightly sadistic, but because I know that through struggle we gain, through self reflection we grow and what is under the sweat, tears, heavy breathing and emotions is a person that is exactly how they should be, waiting to come out!    Namaste

shu-ling ting

I was always struggling with losing my last couple kilos of weight.  One day a friend told me that I should try to do Bikram Yoga, and that was the best suggestion I never received. Jun 13, 2012 I did my first class then after a couple more classes I realized I LOVE it.  I brought my mom, sisters and brother to the studio to take class.  My family and I discuss our postures, share our feelings, and struggle with our laziness.

In 2013 I attended Bikram teacher training.  During the training I learned about the postures and theories however, the most important thing I had to face was myself - my English, my communication skills, my temper and self confidence.  Now I've graduated from teacher training, but I never graduate from learning.  Yoga practice is body and mind exercise.  Our mind is guiding our body.  Our body language and our physical difficulties challenge our mind and willpower.  Like the saying goes . . .  “it's yoga practice not yoga perfect.”  Even just a few seconds of the body and mind connection can still give us a great benefit and happiness.

I am honored to guide your class and thank every yogi who practice in my class and share your energy with me to help make me get better and stronger.  I look forward to seeing you in the classroom to enjoy balance, health and happiness.

kathy zorzit

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